Benefits of Storing Items in Climate Controlled Self Storage

Benefits of Storing Items in Climate-Controlled Self Storage

If you’re searching for self-storage solutions near you, you’ll likely find a number of storage options including climate-controlled units. Some self-storage companies might offer a few climate-controlled units, while facilities like Fountain Lakes Storage are 100% climate-controlled. Each one of our four storage facilities in Missouri offers climate-controlled storage options because we know how important it can be in certain self-storage situations.    

When we designed our Fountain Lakes Storage location in St. Charles, Missouri, we specifically chose to make it 100% climate (or temperature) -controlled since we live in an area that experiences huge swings in heat, cold, and humidity. We just decided to just end the discussion, invest in a state-of-the-art system, and either go big or go home! (We went big.) 

FUN FACT: Fountain Lakes Storage is the ONLY 100% climate-controlled self-storage facility in the St. Charles, Missouri area! And, our Baumgartner Road Storage location offers a unique combination of drive-up, climate-controlled storage units. This option can be hard to track down, so we’re excited to make them available to our community.   

As self-storage experts, we know from experience that a lot can happen to your belongings while it’s in storage. Moisture build-up and extreme temperatures are two of the biggest concerns. How then do you make sure your items are in the same condition when you pick them up as when you dropped them off? 

Two words: Climate. Control.

We want your belongings to come out of storage the exact same way they went in — which means they need to be protected from the elements of the weather in an environment that’s alternatively heated and air-conditioned, when appropriate.

Let’s look at what climate-controlled really means, items that require it, questions to ask when you’re determining if you need it, and other (really good!) reasons to rent a climate-controlled unit.

What Is Climate-Controlled Storage?

Climate-controlled storage is specifically designed to maintain both steady temperature AND humidity levels. The optimal temperature range is between 55 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. And, like Fountain Lakes Storage, climate-controlled storage is most often found at storage facilities with indoor storage units — except for rare facilities like Baumgartner Road Storage!  

Why does that perfect blend of the right temperature and humidity matter? Because they work together to either create or help eliminate moisture. More heat + more humidity = more moisture. And, more humidity means more heat in the air. So, by closely monitoring both temperature and humidity to keep them steady, moisture can’t form and your items stay protected. 

Items That Require Climate-Controlled Storage

All items in storage will benefit from climate control, but some truly require it. Here are the big ones:

The items listed in the infographic we’ve created for you include furniture, electronics, media, artwork, wine, antiques, collectibles, particleboard, leather, and so much more! 

And, the thing they have most in common is how they react with moisture. Wood can become warped, electronics can become cracked, and paper items and photos can actually disintegrate. 

TIP: Don’t overlook items that may have been soiled but may appear clean, like high chairs and mattresses. These are mold magnets if you don’t ensure they’re completely clean and dry!

6 Questions To Ask When Considering Climate-Controlled Storage

At Otto Self Storage, all of our storage units are on the ground level and climate control is an option at all four conveniently located storage facilities in Missouri. That means no elevator or stairs — and no higher-level floors that would be conducive to harboring rising temperatures. 

3 More Reasons to Rent a Climate-Controlled Unit

Sometimes the need for a climate-controlled storage unit is less about the items that are going to be stored and more about other factors:

  1. Long-term storage: If you need to store your belongings for a long period of time, chances are likely that the outdoor temperature will vary widely. 
  2. Hot and humid climate: If your local area is already prone to high heat and humidity, then it’s best to head things off at the pass and choose climate-controlled.
  3. Storing collectibles, antiques, and irreplaceable items: It’s always better to be safe than sorry! Sentimental items simply can’t be replaced, so it’s best to go with a climate-controlled storage solution.

Choose Otto Self Storage For Your Climate-Controlled Storage Needs

At the end of the day, we want you to have peace of mind and prevent costly damages. Climate-controlled storage helps you have both of those — plus, when you visit your storage unit, you’ll be sure to have a comfortable visit no matter the weather forecast. 

If you’ve been having a hard time finding storage solutions with a great experience in New Town, St. Peters, Bridgeton, or St. Louis areas, give us a call, browse locations online, or drive by one of our storage facilities to get set up with a brand new storage unit.

Want to know more? Check out our storage tips and FAQs. Learn more about business storage and give us a call if you have any questions that we haven’t answered yet!

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