Storage for Students

Are you tired of lugging your things back and forth from school to home? Does your dorm room feel cramped?

At Fountain Lakes Storage, we understand that every student’s storage needs are unique, so we offer a range of unit sizes to choose from to make finding a storage unit as easy as possible. If you’re looking for a place to store a few boxes or your entire dorm or apartment, we have a storage unit for you. Our month-to-month rental periods are flexible, and we offer multiple size units to fit any budget. Our friendly on-site manager offers additional peace of mind, especially in a time when many of our competitors are operating their facilities “remotely.”

Find your Unit

How much do you need to store? Use our guide below to help you find the perfect fit.

rent online

Reserve or rent your storage unit completely online from your phone.

move in

No need to come into the office if you don’t want to, we have contactless move-in and you can access the facility with your code.

Focus on you

You’ll be able to fully relax during your break or move knowing that your belongings are safely stored with us.

Small 5×5

Our 5×5 (25 sqft) climate-controlled storage units may look small, but like most units, can accommodate more than you think! These units are about the size of a small walk-in closet or kitchen pantry and are the perfect size for boxes, excess household items, or compact furniture. All our units are around 8 feet in height. If you’re teetering between a 5×5 and a 5×10, we’re happy to show you the two different sizes in person (no strings attached or sales gimmicks!). Most people are able to tell immediately when viewing in person. All sizes are approximate.

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Small 5×10

Our 5×10 (50 sqft) climate-controlled storage units are one of the more popular sizes for people of all storage needs. These units will hold the amount of items in a small bedroom, office, or shed. You can fit a lot more than you think in this size of unit if you pack it right by utilizing the 8-foot height. 5×10 units are ideal for boxes, mattresses, business inventory, seasonal décor, instruments, and more. If you have “a few boxes, a few small pieces of furniture, and a few other items,” this is the size for you. All sizes are approximate.

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Medium 5×15

Our 5×15 (75 sqft) climate-controlled storage units can fit the furnishings of a small apartment or large bedroom. You can get a lot of bang for your buck with these unique size units. These units can fit appliances, mattresses, furniture, tools, boxes, and more. All our units are around 8 feet in height. All sizes are approximate.

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Storage for Students

Why Choose Us?

Whether you’re heading home for the summer, studying abroad, or just need extra space, our storage units cater specifically to the needs of our local students. We understand the importance of a secure and hassle-free storage experience.


Located just 10 minutes from Lindenwood University and 15 minutes from St. Charles Community College, Fountain Lakes Storage is a clear choice for quality and clean storage units that fit your student budget.


Our leases are tailored to your student schedule; rent month-to-month or rent a unit for the whole summer.


With 24/7 security and a well-lit facility, you can relax knowing that your belongings are stored safely.

Check out our units and start storing with us today!