6 Types of Businesses That Need Self Storage

Small Business Storage is Smart Business: 6 Types of Missouri Businesses That Need Self Storage

Small business ownership is fulfilling, isn’t it? You get to call the shots, make your own schedule, fulfill your business dreams, and make your customers happy. At least, that’s on a good day. Business ownership can also come with its headaches, but most of the hardy souls we know who have taken the leap would say that the ups and downs and ebbs and flows are all worth it. At Otto Self Storage, we understand because we’re also small business owners. 

Business is thriving in our neck of the woods, and you can certainly see it with new communities like New Town being built, and an influx of new people to the area. One challenge we at Otto Self Storage hear from small business owners time and again is their frustration over lack of storage. What once may have taken up just a small corner of space at home can quickly and easily grow to take over your whole house — leaving you to feel like your business is running you instead of the other way around.

That’s why we have a number of small business customers who rent storage units from us. They depend on our clean, easily accessible storage facilities to keep their business equipment, supplies, inventory, and more safe and secure — out of their hair but still within a stone’s throw, thanks to our four convenient locations across Missouri. 

We’re going to tell you exactly why business storage is a necessity, especially if you own a small business in six particular industries where we’re seeing growth in St. Charles, Missouri, and other areas like New Town, St. Peters, Bridgeton, St. Louis, Farmington, Ste. Genevieve., and Chesterfield, Missouri.  

So, read on. We think that if you own a small business of any kind, there are enough reasons to make good use of a storage unit. And, if you run any of the types of businesses below, then we expect to see you at our facility soon. 

With rotating storage specials and a competitor price-match guarantee, the cleanest storage facilities you’ve ever seen, with professional, on-site managers that treat your belongings as if it were our own — plus no long-term contract to sign — you’ve got no reason not to try it. We also have a conference room available to rent for your meetings at our Fountain Lakes Storage location, complete with a beautiful lobby entrance and a professional, customer service-oriented management team ready to address your meeting needs. Just contact us for more details.

As the old saying goes, “If you don’t like it, you can always never do it again!” But, as small business owners who are as invested in our business as you are yours, we’re guessing a few months will turn into 12…and then you’ll truly be part of the Otto Self Storage family! 

Six Business Types that Benefit From Self Storage in Missouri

1. Finance and Insurance Professionals 

With the advent of enterprise tax/accounting and insurance software, accounting and insurance professionals have been able to drastically reduce their paper usage. Still, backup is king in these industries, and no matter how organized a system you have in place, it’s just the nature of the business that files will stack up and take up precious business space. Add to this that these are sensitive documents that need to be stored responsibly, and a storage unit that is guaranteed to be climate-controlled and secure starts looking more and more attractive. 

2. Home and eCommerce Businesses

If you run a home-based or e-commerce business, you know how quickly your inventory can take over your life! If your dining table is used more for storing documents than for serving dinner, then you know what we’re talking about. Think of your storage unit as command central for your merchandise and supplies. You can easily pick up and drop off inventory and protect your personal space.


3. Hospitality Businesses 

Hey, guess what wedding and event planners, caterers, and DJs all have in common? Yes, they all play a part in creating memorable events, but they also need a place to store all the tools of the trade to make the magic happen. Think tables, linens, chairs, sound systems, utensils, signage, decor, and more. And, since you’re servicing multiple venues, your storage unit is the perfect place to serve as a home base.

4. Home Sales/Relocation Businesses (Realtors, Home Stagers, Home Renovators, Relocation Services)

If you’re in almost any aspect of the home sales or relocation business, then we know that you require fluid amounts of storage space. From signage and promotional materials to supplies, furniture, and home decor items, you need a place to store it all in a dedicated, organized space. Can you envision a super-clean storage unit, a blank canvas to which you can add shelving, and organize your things to your heart’s content? We certainly can! 

5. Medical Sales Representatives 

If you’re a sales rep for a pharmaceutical or medical device company, then you may be required to store temperature-sensitive samples or equipment. It makes sense to choose a climate-controlled storage facility in your territory so that you have a centrally located place to store and easily retrieve your samples. A storage unit is also perfect for conference gear like booths and banners.

6. Service Businesses (Contractors, Landscapers, Painters) 

If you’re a contractor, landscaper, or painter, then you know that organized equipment and paperwork storage can be two huge pain points. Thankfully, everything from file cabinets of invoices to tool cabinets, lockers, and of course all of your equipment and supplies can be kept in storage. You may even be able to avoid renting any other space entirely and just work from a home office, since the nature of your work puts you outdoors or in others’ homes most of the time. 

BONUS: Offices Short On Space 

Self-storage isn’t just a great solution for small or home business owners. It’s also a great option for larger businesses wanting to optimize square footage. The answer? Keep overflow office and mailroom supplies, equipment, seasonal decor, and furniture in a nearby, climate-controlled, secure storage unit near the office. (Think of all those stacked conference room chairs and monitors. You know the ones.)

Write Off Storage Space, Plus A Word About Insurance 

Did you know that you can write off your business storage unit on your business taxes? Instead of classifying it as a business deduction like you would any dedicated workspace at home, you should classify it as “rent” — since technically it is leased space.⁠ It’s also a good idea to take photos of your business storage unit for each tax year. After all, you should make sure you enjoy the full tax deduction you legally deserve.⁠ Please consult your tax professional for advice.

As a responsible business owner, you’ll want to make sure that your business items are insured. Most insurance policies for self-storage units are relatively cheap. They usually cost about 50 cents to $2 for every $100 value amount of storage. Deductibles can range from $100-$500. On average, you can generally find coverage from $1,000 – $15,000 at anywhere from $5 – $25 per month. Contact your insurance agent or business advisor for more information.

Using your homeowner’s insurance policy most likely will require you to meet a high deductible. We recommend that you review our tenant insurance program through Safestor, offering up to $5,000 in coverage for as low as $10.95 per month. 

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